A happy wanderer

baby blue 2

Shiawase Sputnik

しあわせ スプートニク

Shiawase (noun) means happiness and Sputnik (noun) means a fellow wanderer.

Sputnik was the first Earth artificial satellite. It was orbiting for three weeks before its batteries died and fell back into the atmosphere. Tracking and studying Sputnik from Earth provided scientists with valuable information. It also opened the doors to more political, military, scientific, and technological developments.

In our limited time on Earth, we meet people and accompany each other for a fated limit of time. I wonder, will I bring any goods to the person I accompany? What kind of company am I perceived as?

I want to spread kindness and happiness, at least to those around me. I want to help people to bring goodness in themselves.

That’s about me. What kind of company would you like to be?

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